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About Inspired Source Media Inc.

At Inspired Source Media, we help mission-driven B2B business owners by empowering them with thought leadership and effective digital marketing strategies so they can grow their business and their impact too.

We've been successfully supporting Change Catalysts for decades and believe it is a critical stewardship role in co-creating a new earth... especially now. We are deeply invested in our clients’ results and doing our part through mentoring, opening doors and - for agency level select clients - a focused, B2B marketing initiative so they can focus on leading the way and creating a better world.

With decades of building our own impact-based businesses and facilitating growth for our clients, we know how stressful it can be to invest time, money and energy in new channels that don't result in consistent leads and sustainable revenue.

That’s why we specialize in a customizable, proven strategic path designed for transformational ventures.

Our Fast Flow Framework directly builds trust, opens doors to stellar opportunities and generates consistent high-value leads. The results? More ideal clients and collaborations. Thus, more sales, deals and funding. Plus, more fun and impact. Our Fast Flow Framework for impact-driven business was developed from years of learning experiences... through the ups and downs of both financial crises and times of booming business.

In short, with your mission and ethical product, transformational service or experience as the guide, we'll help you lean into your leadership, consistently publish meaningful thought leadership content on social media, nurture aligned relationships with custom emails and other direct channels and, finally, assist you to design, present and co-create mutual wins.

If you’re allergic to strategies that feel insincere or salesy, tired of tactics that just don’t resonate with you or get you results... or deeply desire an alternative to marketing that demands you “be everywhere and do everything, all at once”, let’s connect and have a conversation about the change you are committed to making in the world.

We’re here to help you align with your North Star, flow forward to get results and enjoy the journey!

Our customers love us

"Dinny has been more than a marketer. She helps expand our goals and mindset. She's been very helpful and getting us results that were unexpected. With her help, we've been able to more than double our revenues, our success. And then do it again."

~ Bruce K.

"Having Inspired Source Media Inc. take care of all of the marketing was a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders. It really is nice to have a partner that is there for you and you know you can trust.If someone was to come to me and ask me what think about Dinny, I would recommend they reach out to her and give her a call. Get to know her. I think what they're going to find is the personality, the passion. I would recommend anyone to get her on the phone and speak to her."

~ Kevin F.

"I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without Dinny's help.I would hundred percent recommend this beautiful, bright and in-tech woman as a mentor. She is just the best of the best."

~ Jennale D.

Ready to "move the needle" for your business?

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