We mentor change catalysts to lead intentionally while we generate high-value B2B leads and strategic alliances using our proven Fast Flow Framework .

We Help You Lead... All The Way To Transformative Results.

Founder of Inspired Source Media Inc. My joy has always been in being creative, making a difference and helping other world-changers materialize their vision.

Over the past 20+ years, in addition to building my own businesses, I’ve mentored 100s of social-eco-responsible creatives, innovators, transformational leaders and entrepreneurs to lead from within, cultivate a strong culture, be visible and cultivate aligned relationships that grow their revenues and impact strategically and sustainably… no matter what is going on in the world around them

.This is the energy behind Inspired Source Media and my other ventures. My team and I focus on co-creating direct impact and results while always enjoying the adventure of personal and business growth.

Our Mentorship Program supports Intentional Leaders and their Teams to amplify their strengths, strategically eliminate overwhelm achieve the spaciousness to work effectively...

Our Agency systematically generates ideal client and strategic alliance leads, keeping the pipeline filled to expand impact and achieve sustainable success.

How We Work For Positive Change


We start with curiosity and a connection call. We only work with positive change companies and are always open to seeing if there is a fit for us to help accelerate your business growth. We promise you'll leave the call inspired with strategic next steps. Or collaborate. Or connect you to someone in our inner circle...


Ideal client lead generation, trusted, high-value referrals and high-level collaborations have been key to creating profitable growth for our clients and our own company. We customize your Fast Flow road map using our combined analysis of what will move the needle fastest and provide the most ROI short and long-term.


Mastering social media and building trust with thought leadership, followed by engaging email marketing may be the “What” we do to open doors for you, potential partnerships and generate leads, but the “How”, the personally selected connections and 1:1 emails makes all the difference. We care and it shows.


We auto-book calls for you. Yes! We not only open doors, we nurture your connections so calls are valuable for both parties. Depending on your company's team, this pivot point is where Leadership Mentoring can be invaluable, resulting in higher conversions and deal value.


Who we're not... If you’re looking for a cut and dried formula where your magic, mission and meaningful heart-centered connection is ignored that’s not us. Want a list of cookie cutter packages? Again, not us. Your mission is unique and our approach to working with you is too..


We value trust, contribution, inclusiveness & stellar People-Planet-Profit results for and by our clients... and we love to work with heart-centered transformational service, experience & product creators, social-eco innovators and tech visionaries 🦋

Ready to find the right Growth Catalyst for your business?

If you answered yes, now is a great time to get in touch with us. We offer a free 30-minute connection and consultation period, so shoot us a message or give us a ring. We're ready to help discover your company's key to transformation and take your business to the next level.

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